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Most Efficent Keybinding for WASD games.

May 24, 2020 — ~snubspreker

Years of testing

Just to get to the point. WASD games wow so inefficent especially for lefties. I am not a leftie, but suffer from carpool tunnel (lol) and switched to a left handed keyboarding stance to compensate for years of computer use. Later I destroyed my mouse altogether because reason. Anyway! WASD should be replaced even by righties, with P[]SPACE.

To see why, just flop you right hand on the keyboard. In a comfortable position.

See how close your first three fingers are to P[]? And how your thumb naturally rests on the space bar.

My setup is simple P=forward, [=look left, ]=look right, SPACE=jump. If I need to I can bind ; to walk backward or some other useful key.

If this is a stretch, you could shift to IOPSPACE if that makes you more comfortable. If you insist on using your left hand you might try QWESPACE or ERTSPACE.

I have even switched my vim key bindings to mimic this setup. The important thing here is to map your most frequent key to your strongest finger. In my case, I had pointer finger after surgery so I switched FORWARD to my middle finger for a time.