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stumpwm the most stoopidest, until

May 24, 2020 — ~snubspreker

stoopid stumpwm

I use emacs and loved the idea of configuring my window manager in lisp because lisp is most beautiful. I have been a bspwm user (among others) and years ago was a fan of ratkiller. But stumpwm was a massive let down. For instance, in emacs you can jump right in and start using it. You need to turn some things off and on, but the defaults are more than useable. In fact my personal dots are as close to vanilla as possible. But stumpwm doesn't follow this principle. In order to get stumpwm up and running you need to put in days if not weeks of hard work.

because stoopid is as stoopid does

So, after attempting to get stumpwm running and giving up I switched to dwm. As I said I had been a ratkiller fan and even tinkered with wmii so I thought it would be a no-brainer. But yeah … no.

hurr durr do you even patch bro!

Now before you start running your mouth. Yes. Patching is a thing and it isn't difficult at all. It is a morally reprehensible way to produce software. But whatever. The problem with dwm is that it is only half cooked. The stoopid bar is such a filthy bloat that I can't stand it. I removed all the code for it. I should be able to plug lemonbar right in but no because instead of making dwm work with properly designed software the idiots chose to spend a crap ton of time and code on that disgusting bar thingy that doesn't even do what it is supposed to do well.

Thank goodness for emacs and magit because they made the process of working with dwm easier. It is still a stupid and lazy way to write software but whatever.

So look. After days of futzing around with the crap. Seven patches. Two full days of removing the idiotic bar thing. I get what just barely passes for a window manager. It manages windows and nothing else. But it also won't let you do much else. So I ended up mapping a hotkey to popup conky in a window so that I could get info on my system. No bar thanks to the tireless efforts of the developers of dwm to ensure that dwm is moronic and nearly unuseable.

And just like that. I switched back to stumpwm

The developers did do one thing well. They made stumpwm look great. They forced me to dig in and get stumpwm configured properly. I am tired of bspwm, but my working config is still around in case something goes south. But for now, stumpwm, and dracula theme for all the things is pleasing.

I hate dwm. Not because it is so l33t but because it is trash design by pedantic prats. But, if you want a working dwm I am thinking about putting my branch on github so you can fork it or fork off.